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Urinary incontinence

incontinence test

More than 300 million women worldwide suffer from loss of urine control, but fortunately much can be done to reduce it. News is, you can do it yourself.

Does this happen to you?

  • Do you buy products to cope with your urine loss, such as pads or diapers?
  • Does involuntary urine loss effect your daily life? Does it influence you at work?
  • Do you know that minor incontinence can easily be diminished by simple daily pelvic muscle training?

Then you probably have bother from your urinary incontinence. Doing the test and use the advice will help you to gain continence.

Are you motivated and wanting to help yourself?

Then it's worthwhile to fill in the questionnaire of the incontinence test and receive online conclusions and advice to manage your incontinence.

  • The test consists of 44 short questions
  • The test is anonymous and developed by a medical specialist using artificial intelligence
  • You immediately get online results and advice
  • You can start improving your life right away
  • The service is free of charge

Does the TEST help?

Yes it does. Research has shown that improvements can be obtained with 90% of the women.

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