Personal cure solutions for female urinary incontinence and anonymous selfcare.
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This program, developed by Mediarts BV, was created to assist in medical diagnosis and to distinguish between different types of urinary incontinence in women. The program was created with the utmost care and is based on the assumption that urinary incontinence is the main complaint and that there are no other major complaints or symptoms. The reliability of the program mainly depends on the information provided by the doctor and / or patient. Supply of incorrect and misleading information causing erroneous and unreliable results.
This program is not proposing a diagnosis, which can only be done by a doctor. It formulates a likely conclusion, based on the programmed logic, and your answers to the questions. Broadly takes into account the directives of the Dutch General Practitioners Society and the guidelines of the European Association of Urology (EAU) on urinary incontinence in women. In addition, the program provides suggestions for additional diagnostic steps to support or to reject the diagnosis. The software is the subject of clinical research. Use of this program implies consent to proces all data anonymously for evaluation and scientific purposes. The first results were presented at the annual congress of the EAU in Istanbul, 2005.
1. Bruin, H. Leliefeld, J. Zambon: The value of the online diagnosis programme Mediarts 1.7 for female urinary incontinence. Eur Urol. Suppl. 2005 4 (3): 91.
2. Bruin, Waard, H. Leliefeld, J. Zambon, P. Kil, B. Wijsman, F. Bentvelsen, M van Balken: Multicenter validation of the online computer program MediArts for urinary incontinence in women. Dutch Magazine of Urology . 2006 6:176.
Legally speaking, the use of software from a medical expert system can not be regarded as the exercise of medicine. For clarity, noted that Mediarts BV can not be held liable for incorrect diagnoses, damage, injury or death of any patient who entered her information in the program. The program stresses a clinical approach, but it nevertheless remains an TEST procedure. So the doctor and / or patient, have to judge the results of the program like any other test. As usual in medicine clinical assessment takes precedence over test results. Consequently, this program, like all software for medical expert systems, are never a substitute for visiting a doctor.

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