Personal cure solutions for female urinary incontinence and anonymous selfcare.
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Step 1 explanation selfcure module
The "Mediarts test" for women with involuntary urine loss consists of a questionnaire that can be submitted online. Subsequently, the data are anonymously processed and an answer is returned. The processing of the data is carried out through software program developed by Mediarts. Please, read the disclaimer in advance.
Explanation of a question appears when the mouse is positioned on top of the question.
Additional explanations and definitions are available through the help button in right upper corner.

Step 2 donate
The incontinence test is free of charge, however consider donation after use.

Step 3 questionnaire
After completely filling out the questionnaire with 45 questions you can submit the form online by clicking button at the bottom of the questionnaire.

Step 4 answer
After processing the data and within a few seconds an anonymous reply will be returned with conclusions, advice and treatment instructions, specially tailored to the answers you have provided.

Step 5 print
The answer and instructions can be printed with the printerbutton or you can save the 'file' using your browser.
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updated january 2, 2014

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