Personal cure solutions for female urinary incontinence and anonymous selfcare.
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The results of the questionnaire are processed immediately on the internet. The data are treated anonymously through a so called 'diagnostic expert system' that has been tested extensively with more than 500 women in 10 different hospitals . The results of the tests of the diagnostic expert system have been processed, published and presented at various international conferences. This has resulted in the 'Vlietstra' Award 2007 and nominations in Berlin, Istanbul and Eindhoven.
The program has a high predictive value (90%) and therefore is very useful for diagnosis and subsequent treatment recommendations. There is risk that by following the advice visiting a doctor is delayed, which may present illness later.
Several health insurance companies have reviewed this test and added it to their services. >>> Back to introduction incontinence.

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The development of the 'Mediarts' program was established by support of SenterNovum (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs)

Scientific research:
This internet selfcure module is the subject of scientific research commissioned by the RIVM and will be conducted by the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

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