Personal cure solutions for female urinary incontinence and anonymous selfcare.
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Involuntary urine loss is often easy to treat. This does not mean prescribing pads or diapers, because these things only 'treat' the symptoms and have no effect on the urine loss itself.
Successful treatment begins with a proper diagnosis. What Many women do not know is that there are different types of urine loss that require different treatment. For example, if you lose urine during coughing you will get a different treatment advice than if you suffer from urine loss from imperative urge. A tailored treatment advice has a good chance of success and the questionnaire is the means to get it. Of course there are complaints that can not only be treated by exercises and lifestyle changes and sometimes a visit to the family doctor or medical specialist is necessary. The tailored advice you get when using this program can also contain the advice to visit a doctor or medical specialist. >>> Back to introduction urine loss.

updated january 4, 2014

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