Personal cure solutions for female urinary incontinence and anonymous selfcare. 
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Involuntary urine loss or urinary incontinence poses a great discomfort for many women. Approximately 13 % of all women suffer from this problem. The subject of urine loss is rarely discussed, despite the frequent occurrence and discomfort it causes. Embarrassment and shame can result in women not daring to leave their homes and driving them into social isolation. However, in many cases the incontinence problem can be solved or reduced. The key to this is proper diagnosis. To this end a questionnaire is developed for women who suffer from involuntary urine loss. This questionnaire, which is available to you on this page, will indicate your type of urinary incontinence and will explain the possibilities for remedy. >>> more why.

The questionnaire consists of 45 simple questions and will instantly categorise your type of incontinence. This will be followed by a personalized list of lifestyle changes and exercises to start with. So no waiting, no hassle, you can start improving your life immediately. The questionnaire and the computer analysis are developed by a medical specialist, an urologist, who has done research for many years and is rewarded with a range of awards. >>> more quality.

To find out whether you can benefit from this questionnaire, you can answer the following questions for yourself. You will get an impression of how incontinence affects your life.

  • Do you buy products to cope with your urine loss, such as pads or diapers, or any other incontinence products?
  • Does involuntary urine loss effect your daily life? Does it influence you at work? Do you have to take your problem into account when visiting friends or relatives or when you go shopping?
  • Do you know that minor incontinence can easily be diminished by simple daily pelvic muscle training?
If these aspects sound familiar and you want help, the questionnaire can be very useful in reducing your discomfort and improve your daily life. >>> go to questionnaire.
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